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Open Positions

Direct Response Testing Manager
Farmington, UT

Position Overview: 

The role of the Direct Response Testing Manager is to plan, measure and analyze direct response acquisition, activation and life-time-value integrated marketing test campaigns. The goal is to optimize all marketing channels on a continual basis and proactively look for additional opportunities to test new lists, creative, offers and marketing channels. 

This candidate will be responsible for developing and maintaining a testing calendar – demonstrating dynamic and strategic forethought throughout the year and integrating past learnings into future test segments.

This person must have excellent communication skills with the ability to distill complex models into understandable copy points, executive summaries and presentations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Write and maintain testing calendars for several key accounts
  • Structure multi-variable data testing strategies
  • Structure testing segments using sound sample sizes
  • Work with database administrator to segment data, model data and predictive modeling
  • Partner with marketing analyst to identify trends, winning segments and creating the story, context and color behind the numbers
  • Tracking all tests and providing reports and executive summaries
  • Interfacing with account service teams and clients
  • Presenting the data, test results and insight in front of groups

Skills and Experience:

Testing Methodologies – must be well-versed in direct-response testing methodologies with the ability to construct measurable and insightful marketing tests, including:

  • Appropriate Sample size
  • Control groups
  • A/B and Multivariate testing methodologies
  • Messaging
  • Offer
  • List
  • Channel

Well versed in the following marketing channels, including:

  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Web
  • Search
  • DRTV
  • Banner ads
  • Retargeting
  • Social

Basic Statistical Analytics

  • Determining sample sizes
  • Regression analysis and correlation studies

Data Analytics

  • Ability to interpret reports, trends and correlations and providing story, context and color for the client; making recommendations and next steps.
  • Marketing pro forma and marketing funnel calculations and projections

User Experience

  • Ability to identify hot-spots in the data and drill down into the cause by analyzing consumer experience, interaction, and behavior, as well as make recommendations for future tests to improve the experience.

Software knowledge

  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Visio
  • Tableau (a plus)

Education: Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Business Administration, or Statistics is preferred